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Factory/Manufacturer: (Inspection Location Kien Hang Industrial Co, Ldt.

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Sampling Plan is assigned and approved by Jllproducts Technical and/or Quality Control Manager
Important Notice
1. Booking leadtime Jllproducts: wiil require at least 3 days written booking prior to requested inspection date. 48 hours notice is needed for any re-schedule and sufficient information change, otherwise late cancellation fee is charged accordingly.
2. Inspection level: Jllproducts would like to remind customers that recommended inspection level for consumer goods should be at least level I for a single reference. Customer therefore accepts that any decision to request an inspection at a lower level or combining references would affect the relevance of Quality Control Manager
3. Production status for inspection should meet the following requirements unless specified noted otherwise from Jllproducts. . Initial Production Check (IPC): About 10% finished products in correct material/accessories/labels/packing, etc. should be ready for checking . Full size /color sets, minimum 3 units per size/color/ style... . During Production Check (DUPRO): About 30%-80% finished products should be ready for inspection, with balance under production. . Final Random Inspection (FRI): 100% product finished, and at least 80% packed into cartons, with balance under packing stage should be ready for inspection. Loading Supervison (L/S): Supervision of loading of goods into container(s) can be done on same day.