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JLLproducts is a specialized enterprise in the furniture industry with specific functions such as design consulting; order management; provide experienced auditors; importing and exporting goods to the international market. We want to have the opportunity to support our partners to develop business with high results, so we have strengths in:

Designing interior products according to customers’ ideas”: Bringing optimal design solutions, preserving functions, and modern conveniences for all current interior products. We bring to our customers impressive, unique, novel and different products on the market.

“Inspecting product quality criteria and tracking order progress”: Trained inspectors with high professional competence will approach orders and closely monitor the overview of each product of the order. such goods to ensure efficiency and Sufficient in terms of “technical – aesthetic – quality” standard goods and correct construction schedule.

Import and export goods with clear and fast documents”: We have many years of experience in the field of forwarding with international freight services, customs clearance packages, support. Customers applying for a certificate of origin C/O, quarantine, etc. Your business will be supported to complete all documents and procedures quickly so that the goods can be cleared as soon as possible. JLLproducts is committed to providing peace of mind during transportation. By providing transparent, fast, and timely information to your business. Experienced staffs supervise and smoothly handle any problems if any arise.

“Producing furniture products based on customers’” With proactive and flexible human resources, we provide partners with a full package of production, transportation and installation services to help ensure progress, unify layout ideas and neatness after finishing work. Furniture manufacturing JLLproducts has 2 factories located in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province and 5 factories in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh Province, and cooperates with skilled and experienced partners in the field of furniture on throughout 3 regions: North, Central and South Vietnam. We supply a wide range of furniture, garden furniture and household items in a wide range of popular, safe and highly applicable materials to the global market.

We realize the furniture industry is becoming a dynamic and trending market

We realize the furniture industry is becoming a dynamic and trending market

The commercial sector is witnessing rapid demand for smart furniture, including smart office work station, director’s chairs, sleek chairs, smart office sofa, smart conference tables, and advanced designed cabinets, which is one of the primary factors expected to drive the growth of the smart furniture market. Furthermore, rise in demand for space saving furniture and proliferation of online shopping fuel the growth of the smart furniture market. In addition, increase in disposable income of consumers creates demand for smart furniture products.


However, fluctuation in demand for furniture along with the import and export restrictions and sudden disruption in the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered the growth of the market to some extent. On the other hand, the ongoing trend of smart city initiatives and surge in introduction of innovative smart furniture products by market players are anticipated to provide lucrative growth opportunities for the market.

Which furniture markets are we supplying?

Besides, with our significant advantages over traditional companies in similar fields, we have gained long-term relationships with major partners in Europe, US, UK, Japan,

Australia, Korea… We particularly focus on building the infrastructure already established to support complex customer needs. We ensure that the processes of manufacturing and sourcing furniture and homeware products are accurate and fast enough to serve our customers.

Jllproducts’ dedication to customer service

We are always strict in checking the aesthetics and quality for each output product. All manufacturers are well-trained and have access to a professional 4.0 production machine system, contributing to speeding up the progress, quality of finished products and optimizing costs.

Thereby, we see that, in order to become a companion and trust of our partners, JLLproducts always operates a team of experts and employees to continuously improve, develop professionally in all cases and always put the interests of our customers. Partner’s interests come first. With a business motto of “bringing better value to consumer’s lives” and “meeting more than customer requirements”. JLLproducts aspires to have the opportunity to demonstrate professionalism, creativity, quality reputation and distinction in the services provided by JLLproducts.

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(If you choose TT payment, please 30% advance/ balance againt copy of BL)

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