Creation And Production Process

In creative design and providing services to customers seems to have no standards of ugly-beautiful, right-wrong, only the suitability of the product with the business’s purpose of use, and effective communication to sales. To the public the new target is a measure of the value and success of a design. Understanding this, we have drawn up a scientific working process to get the harmony between images, content and use value, bringing the spirit of simplicity, modernity and sophistication into the products. design. Hope you will feel this and get satisfaction through working with Jllproducts.


STEP 1: Identify needs and requirements

We receive information from you and clarify the required product items as well as design and production issues from your proposal.

STEP 2: Research

We will conduct research, analyze the source of raw materials to produce the product (chair, table, bed, …), analyze technical drawings, request finished products from your design to develop an appropriate creative and production orientation.

STEP 3: Brainstorm

Jllproducts’ creative department including Creative Team, Designer, Vendors will have meetings to analyze and propose to build design or production ideas from existing research.

STEP 4: Product development

We will select the best ideas, combined with the source of quality materials at reasonable prices, the Jllproducts teams develop into products and continuously update the images at the factory with daily reports.

STEP 5: Get feedback

In this step, while you track the progress of your order on “Your order status”, you give your contributions and feedback for our design and production team to develop into a finished product.

STEP 6: Finishing the product

Product design, finished production will achieve satisfaction from both parties. After this step, you will join us to check and accept the product and carry out the customs paperwork to prepare for the “export” stage.

STEP 7: Customer care

The cooperation between you and Jllproducts is not limited to the duration of the contract. We always save the design files so that we can send them back when you need them and support to answer questions and manufacturing errors so that you can get efficiency and satisfaction when you choose to cooperate with Jllproducts.


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(If you choose TT payment, please 30% advance/ balance againt copy of BL)




(If you choose TT payment, please 30% advance/ balance againt copy of BL)

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