3 Popular Kitchen Interior Styles

The kitchen is not only a place to cook but also a place to show off your talents as an artist

If the living room is considered the face, then the kitchen will be the heart – the place to keep the warm fire of the whole family. In addition to the usual modern style, the luxurious and sophisticated neoclassical kitchen is increasingly popular with homeowners. Today’s kitchens all have a mixture of traditional and modern styles, elegant but close, simple but also very luxurious… can completely meet the need to show personal imprints. owner’s person.

Jllproducts shares with you 3 interior design styles for kitchens that are popular nowadays.

Classic style

The classic style in kitchen interior decoration has become the first choice of many homeowners. A spacious and airy kitchen space, a sophisticated architecture with classic furniture, natural wood or stone materials. Every detail and pattern in the kitchen is meticulously selected, with this style suitable for villas and luxury apartments.

This interior style is inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. Based on the principle of the golden ratio and tight symmetry to create perfect masterpieces. Therefore, this style is loved by many people and applied to living space.

A kitchen is said to be complete when it has only a small area but makes a difference. The items in the kitchen are a bit “nostalgic” to create a closer feeling for everyone.

Classic kitchen cabinet material for villa

This is the main factor that creates the quality and value of kitchen cabinets. Luxury and class are formed from the outer beauty and the inner core.

The most common material used when making classic kitchen cabinets is wood. However, under the depletion of resources, natural wood although durable  is extremely rare. Therefore, industrial wood materials are the perfect substitute.


When making kitchen cabinets in this style, priority should be given to choosing specific colors such as brown, beige, black, and white. These are colors that enhance the aristocratic beauty of the design. You can also completely transform the space to be more special by combining unique colors such as gray – yellow, wine red combined with neutral tones, etc. However, it should be noted that the color layout of the kitchen cabinets needs to be in harmony with the environment common interior space.

Neoclassical style

Beautiful kitchen interior decoration with a harmonious combination of modern and classic, which is the harmony of two seemingly opposite elements but creates a unique elegance and beauty. Neoclassical in every detail of the kitchen. With a selection of items such as kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs and ceiling lights, it adds more warmth to the kitchen space – where women send their love.

A space can change quickly if you know how to design. Wall tiles are an open suggestion to make the kitchen space more luxurious. This is one of the neoclassical designs that have been used by many families. However, it is still very popular today.


The most important thing in the design of any room is color. Neoclassical style favors bright, neutral colors such as white, cream, bright yellow. Or natural wood brown color combined with other accent colors such as gold, metallic, navy blue. In which white is used most commonly because it brings elegance, lightness and sophistication in space.

What material should you choose for kitchen?

Wooden kitchen cabinets are always the first choice of many families. Because of the luxury and reasonable price it brings. When combined with granite countertops, a relatively expensive stone, makes the already luxurious kitchen space more beautiful. In addition, this type of stone kitchen countertop is usually very durable, making cleaning easier.

Materials that are both durable and exude class and luxury in a neoclassical kitchen are natural wood, natural stone, metal and leather. In particular, natural wood is often used for kitchen cabinets and dining tables because of its beautiful color and ease of carving.

The kitchen surface should be made of stone because it is both durable and resistant. The shiny stone veins also increase the class look in the cooking space. Metal and leather will be two materials that increase the lavish look of the neoclassical kitchen, acting as an eye-catching highlight.

Modern style

Kitchen space with U-shaped design, minimalist black and white color scheme and advanced kitchen equipment with high applicability. With the choice of black and white colors for the kitchen, it will make us wonder about this color, do not worry because when the white color combined with the mysterious black color will make the kitchen space more depth, more attractive, reduce the defects of white gamut.

Kitchen cabinet style, modern kitchen designed to maximize use

All kitchen interior decorations are covered with a white color. To create accents, use more staggered panels with darker colors. When combined with light from LED lights, a modern, youthful space appears.

The kitchen space will become more novel when combining the interior levels made of aluminum and steel materials. This is a material that is very easy to color and creates a very unique highlight.

The elegance is undeniable when combining the white and gray patterns on the wall tiles. It would be interesting to have a natural wooden dining table to create an ideal shape.

(Jllproducts will introduce you to the extremely impressive dining table sets in the next articles)

Some photos of kitchen furniture with white and modern wood colors

For a long time, people have known the combination of white and wood colors in modern kitchen models. Add a little warmth and freshness of natural wood and it’s wonderful. When the light from the stylized chandelier on the ceiling shines on the wooden floor, it creates a more beautiful feeling than in the picture.

Features you can explore for modern kitchen ideas:

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Sleek and sophisticated
  • Luxurious, high-end materials
  • Clean lines
  • Trending colors
  • The model of the dining tables and chairs fits the overall space

Our clients continue to gravitate towards concealed and clean integration in our kitchen designs, with maximized and clever storage solutions for modern kitchen samples.

Jllproducts hopes that with this sharing, you will have a new look at the diverse kitchen models of all materials for you to choose from. Besides, we also want to introduce to you all products belonging to the kitchen space such as: kitchen cabinets, storage shelves, dining set, kitchen appliances, sink, breakfast bar, cupboard, stool, stone or wooden countertops, etc. We all have the right idea and producer. Contact us when you’re just rekindling that idea!

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