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Mr. Jos LongLai was born and raised in a family attached to one of Vietnam’s traditional artistic professions. His father is an embroiderer and his brothers and sisters all work in the furniture industry. Inheriting his father’s artisticity and the traditional profession of the family, Mr. Jos decided to enter the School of Fine Arts in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. After graduating, he was offered to work for a design and printing company as a Creative manager. 2 years later, he worked for a Dutch company based in Vietnam, which specializes in Yacht Manufacturing as a R&D Manager (Research and Development).

In 2007, he chose to work at America furniture company, which specializes in baby furniture, and continued his career in the design industry at the company for nearly 10 years. After many years of working in interior design and manufacturing, Mr. Jos has realized the limitations in the connection between suppliers/vendors and customers; cumbersome processes/procedures and papers that consume a big amount of time of customers and suppliers at the very beginning; low-productivity manufacturing processes that waste time and money, etc.

 For the above reasons, he decided to establish JLL Products and set up a convenient-useful working/cooperation system for both customers and supplier; a new manufacturing process suitable for each product line and customer requirements for the factory; quality control systems of input materials and output products; a Logistics system and other systems to bring customers the best values.

His slogan: “Do it right at the first time. Quality is not only an active but also a habit”.




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